Venetian Plaster

venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is a very stylish decorative finish for condo suites and common areas. I like both acrylic and lime plasters with just a white or an off-white color. You can use artist color names, such as raw umber, burnt umber, raw sienna, burnt sienna, Payne’s Gray or Van Dyke brown, etc., to tint the plaster, but I would make it a light plaster so that it will work with both contemporary or traditional interiors and never go out of style.

Italian lime plasters are very beautiful and can be made smoother by sanding after each layer. When you bring it to a high polish, you have a very appealing, long-lasting surface. Touch-ups with lighter plasters are much easier, and like all custom plasters the extra plaster should never be thrown away.

I really like acrylic plasters for the stronger color and for building texture. For this Tridel Condo Lobby, I did a Moroccan-style plaster, which is basically troweling vertically.

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